Discover Society was set up six-years ago as a free online monthly magazine of social research, policy analysis and critical commentary. In response to the rapidly unfolding Covid-19 pandemic, we are now giving over our Rapid Response theme to articles about the different aspects of this public health crisis and its local and global expressions.

We are open to all submissions offering a social science (broadly conceived) perspective on the different ways in which the crisis will unfold. This includes discussions of public policy, the intersection with existing inequalities, the role of the media, analysis of risk and scientific expertise, as well as reports from within communities that are already experiencing the severe consequences.

We welcome submissions from colleagues across the world. Articles should be around 1500 words. Please write in a way that is suitable for a wide general audience, rather than specialists. Where possible please provide references via a link to an accessible site and bold the hyperlinked text. Please also provide an image to illustrate the piece, it should be in landscape orientation and free to use, not in copyright (or used with permission).

Submissions should be made to: discoversociety@outlook.com

More information on writing for Discover Society is here.